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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

The Do’s
Do bring an honest group of friends and family that know you well. Having other people who know your style can help you decide when you are spoilt for choice and also be able to tell you the truth if something just isn’t working for you.

Do bring any lingerie or shape wear that you intend to wear under your wedding dress. A convertible bra is a great option as you can alter it depending on the gown you’re trying on.

Do be open minded. Bridal boutiques like Bridal Secret are full of professional staff …

How To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Your wedding day is one day you will never forget but with a few small touches, your wedding can be as unique as you are.

Signature Drinks
Choose a few of you and your partners favourite cocktails to serve at your wedding and name them after a special moment or memory.

That time you were drinking sangria on your first date at a Spanish restaurant, your favourite red from that wine tasting or even that unique cocktail you whipped up during a night in.

Don’t forget that boutique beer you discovered on a road trip for …

Deciding on your wedding dress

Recently we conducted a quiz to learn what details preoccupied brides when planning their wedding. From wedding dresses (bridal dress or bridal gown?) to accessories (pearls or diamonds?) to flowers (roses or lilies?) and more, we got a sense of the burning questions that brides must typically address. In this post, we’ll cover deciding on your wedding dress.

Perhaps more than any other single item, the defining feature of a wedding is the wedding dress. It’s the dress that serves as the centrepiece in wedding albums. And it is the dress that many brides have dreamed about …

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