A Timeline To Finding The Ideal Wedding Dress

One of the most difficult processes when planning for a wedding is buying the bridal gown. Because it is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, most brides usually do not know where to begin.

Here is the timeline to help you with finding the perfect dress for your big day.

Set Your Budget

Before anything, you need to decide on the amount of money you will spend on your wedding dress. You should also allocate some money for accessories such as the veil, shoes and jewellery. This should be 12 months before your big day.


You should know the designs that appeal to you before you go shopping for a wedding dress. The venue and theme of your wedding should influence your choice.

If you start researching early, you will have adequate time to compare different designs. Exploring different options also ensures that you get the best deal, as compared to a last-minute rush where you pick what you get.

Start Shopping

Once you have a preferred design, select a shopping entourage of at most three people. Taking too many people with you can cause confusion.

There are two main options, ready-made dresses and custom-made dresses. If you opt for the latter, have your measurements taken and make sure that the tailor gives you a definitive timeline. Ensure that you begin shopping at least eight months before the wedding day.

Shop For Undergarments

Undergarments have an enormous effect on your overall mood on your big occasion. You should buy them at least five months before the wedding day.

Arrange For A Hairdresser

Besides your dress, your hair must also be immaculate during your wedding. You should get in touch with a stylist who will make your hair a few days before the wedding.

Choose Your Shoes

Make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable since you will spend a considerable amount of time standing.

Fit For The First Time

Once the dress is ready, you go and try it out to see how it fits. This is the time that you identify any flows and rectify them. This should be two months before the wedding.

If you wish to add any decorations to your wedding dress, this is the best time. You can also make alterations to the dress such that it becomes admirable.

Practice With Shoes

The last thing you want is feeling uncomfortable in your shoes on the wedding day. Make sure that you try out the shoes three weeks before the event to avoid such a situation.

Have Your Final Fitting

After correcting all flaws and adding necessary decorations, you must try out the dress. Make sure that you are accompanied by your best mate so that they tell you how you look in the bridal gown. This should be two weeks before the wedding.

Pick Up Your Dress

Once you have done the final fitting, you should pick up the dress and make final preparations for your wedding day.

Takeaway Message

Following these tips ahead of your big day will ensure your wedding dress is not only flawless but your wedding will also be an unforgettable day for all the right reasons. Always allow plenty of time before picking up your dress. If you are based in Sydney, Bridal Secrets offers a wide selection of both ready to wear and custom wedding gowns.