Choosing The Best Shade Of White For Your Wedding Dress

The classic dress that most of us have in mind when we think “wedding dress,” is white, right? But is it really just white? Is it bright white? Ivory? Embellished with gold or silver? Or even tinged with pink? In reality, there is a full spectrum of white when it comes to wedding dresses, and just as specific colours of clothing look best on you, a specific shade of white will look best on you as well. Here we’ll take a look at how to narrow down your dress choices by the colour white that works best for you.

Stark/Bright White

A basic rule of thumb for wearing white is that the darker your skin tone, the brighter white you can wear. If you’re very pale, you’ll just disappear into a bright white dress. But if you have a darker skin tone, pure white bridal gowns will create a beautifully striking contrast against your skin that will make you glow.

Silk/Natural White

Natural white is the brightest shade of white that can be achieved with natural fibres (typically stark/bright whites can only be achieved with synthetic fabrics). A dress in this slightly off-white shade like Sottero & Midgley’s Gavin is more flattering for many lighter skin tones.


Ivory is one of the most universally flattering shades of white for all skin tones. It typically has creamier yellow notes than natural white dresses and looks great on fair skin or skin with pink undertones. Many ivory wedding dresses look especially great in candlelight or low-lighting, making them a great choice for evening weddings.

Champagne or Gold

Just like jewellery, golden tones look best on those with darker skin or skin with more olive tones. Champagne dresses like Sottero & Midgley’s Amelie will look almost white in photos, but typically have gold or pink undertone. If gold is your go-to, you can also be on the lookout for a dress in a brighter shade of white with gold embellishments, which will brighten dark and olive skin tones in the same way.


Just like jewellery, silver embellishments can help to make fair skin tones or those with pink undertones pop, as they create a contrast of cool silver against warm skin. Avoid silver embellishments if you have yellow or olive undertones in your skin, as they are better complimented with gold accents.

Soft Pastels

Soft pinks, lavenders, blues, and yellows are becoming more and more popular for wedding dresses as brides branch out further from the basic white hues. Choosing a soft colour allows the bride to pick a colour that she knows perfectly complements her skin tone, as whites just aren’t for everybody. Maggie Sottero’s Serenica dress is an excellent example of a wedding dress done in a beautiful blush colour.