Deciding On Your Wedding Dress

Recently we conducted a quiz to learn what details preoccupied brides when planning their wedding. From wedding dresses (bridal dress or bridal gown?) to accessories (pearls or diamonds?) to flowers (roses or lilies?) and more, we got a sense of the burning questions that brides must typically address. In this post, we’ll cover deciding on your wedding dress.

Perhaps more than any other single item, the defining feature of a wedding is the wedding dress. It’s the dress that serves as the centrepiece in wedding albums. And it is the dress that many brides have dreamed about since girlhood when they imagine their wedding. Place these expectations next to the challenging task of finding event wear that is both flattering and true to one’s personal style and personality, and it’s no wonder that searching for a wedding dress prove daunting.

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For all of these reasons and more, several survey participants noted that choosing their wedding dress proved to be the hardest decision they made during wedding planning. Yet at Bridal Secrets, we’ve learned that choosing a wedding dress can be relatively painless if you know the answer to two questions: what is your body type and what is your personal style?

Let’s cover personal style first. When you think about your existing wardrobe, what type of clothes do you typically prefer? Do you like clothing that is trendy, romantic, modern, or classic? Sporty, dramatic or minimalist? Do you go for statement pieces or prefer simple, fuss-free items? Is comfort or fashion more important to you?

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We asked survey participants “What design features will you/did you prefer for your wedding dress? E.g. colour, shape, etc.”. Respondents answered preferences across the style spectrum, including an a-line dress with some glitter (classic), a unique dress that was fitted at the waist and accentuated the bust line (modern), a bold dress that featured a full skirt made from gathered fabric and bunches of ostrich feathers (dramatic) and an ivory lace dress (romantic).

Determining your personal style before you enter the wedding gown shop will help you explain your preferences to the bridal dress consultant, who can then suggest appropriate styles and designers to try on. Remember: the dress that you’re looking for is the one where you feel comfortable while presenting the best version of yourself .

Next, neckline and other details at the top of your dress should frame your face in a way that plays up your favourite features. As for the cut, select one that works with your bone structure and body type. For example, if you’re:

Petite: Gowns where the waistline is above your natural waist to add length.
Tall: Simple silhouettes that accentuate your longer proportions.
Curvy: Empire dress where the skirt starts below the bust.
Boyish: Sheath dress cut on the bias or gowns that cinch at the waist with full, floor-length skirts.
Bottom heavy: Gowns with a-line skirt made from sturdy fabric.
Top heavy: Dresses that go in at the waist .
Busty: Necklines that are scooped or have small dips.

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