Entertainment Ideas For Your Big Night

An evening party with good entertainment will be the highlight of the night. If you want to have the time of your life on your wedding night, here are some of the best entertainment ideas you can incorporate on your big day.

A Live Band

A live band should be top of the list of preferred entertainment. If music were a drink, a live band would be a Shiraz. Its music served fresh and hot; still steaming.

A live band takes away the need for a hype man or a DJ. They can sing and also guide your guest to dance to their music selection.

Choose a band with a diversity of music genres to ensure you cater to all of your guest’s taste.

Ballet Dancers

Dance is to the soul what a good wine is to the body. And watching a ballet dance is like watching swans on the water. It’s both exhilarating and therapeutic.

Treat your guests to well-choreographed ballet dance and have their heads swaying and their hearts dancing.

This dance can be a group or an individual ballet performance. A professional ballet dancer will keep your guests entertained and will leave you with a memorable reception.

Fire Dancers

For your big night, you are allowed to play with fire.

Treat your guests to an adrenaline rush with a fire dancing presentation.

A fire can be incorporated into many types of dance. Many acrobats also use fire in their gimmicks. Since acrobatics is also commonly part of dance, make it a full package by adding fire dancing as well.

Take caution with fire and ensure the environment is fire-friendly and safe. Do not have fire dances in a room full of drapes that can easily catch fire.


There’s some magic in a drum. Different cultures use different types of drums to create music and dance. Drum dances can be used to tell a story as well. Recreate your love story with a well-choreographed drumming session. Invite a team of drummers for a night of rhythm and fun.

Surprise Dance Form The Bride And Groom

A surprise dance by, yours truly, the bride and groom is always a treat for your guests. As much as everyone loves to have fun, seeing the bride and groom get down, and dance gets everyone in the dancing mood.

Choreograph a dance in advance. Practice it together to make it perfect. It does not have to be a complicated dance, simple is always beautiful.

Be sure to change into comfortable shoes for the dance. If you have been in heels all day, you can throw on some rubber sneakers or doll shoes for the dance. Have comfortable evening outfits that will allow you to dance freely.

The bridal team can also be invited to dance with the bride and groom. A well-choreographed bridal dance is the stuff that breaks the internet.

End On A High Note

For an extra touch, you can also choose to leave your guests with a personal touch such as a wedding favour, a photograph or any memorable keepsake. Your choice of entertainment will determine the memorability and fun of your wedding evening party.