Hairstyles To Compliment Your Wedding Dress

After months of dress shopping, fittings, alterations, and hunting for accessories, you’ve almost completed your dream wedding look. But don’t forget to take the time to carefully consider your wedding day hairstyle. Choosing the wrong style can take away from the overall look you spent so much time creating. Planning ahead will save you from added stress and disappointment on your special day.

So where to begin? The most important point to consider is the neckline of your Bridal Secrets dress, as it will help to narrow down which styles will complement the dress’ cut. Here are three of the most popular necklines for wedding dresses today and the best choices for hairstyles to complement each look.


A strapless neckline dress like the Bridal Secrets Pronovias Mercado is a fantastic design to highlight your neck and shoulders. This style will look best with your hair pulled up to avoid hiding your shoulders and to allow the neckline to take centre stage. Anything from an intricate updo to a low chignon bun to a high ponytail style will work to show off a strapless or one-shoulder neckline.


V-neck bridal gowns help to visually elongate your body, so wearing your hair down or only half up can further emphasise the long line of this style. A side part with long loose waves is a favourite for V-neck dresses—loose, neat curls work for formal events while beachy waves add a touch of whimsy to more casual ceremonies.


High-necked dresses often have lace or bead detailing along the neckline that you don’t want to hide with your hairstyle. A high bun is a great choice for a high-neck style, as the style will add height to your silhouette that high necklines can sometimes rob from you. Many high-necked dresses have cutouts in the back, so a high bun also serves to show off those details.

In addition to the neckline of your dress, a few more factors to consider before your stylist fires up the curling iron on your big day include:

  1. Will your wedding be a black-tie event or a more informal ceremony? You don’t want your style to be too overdone or too understated for your particular celebration.
  2. Do you plan to wear a veil during your ceremony? Make sure your style works with any veil or accessories you plan to wear.
  3. Will the weather be hot, humid, cold, or dry? You don’t want your hair to frizz out or fall flat—choose a style that can handle the climate during the time of year your ceremony will be held.
  4. Will the length of your hair allow the stylist to create the look you want? If the volume and length of your hair aren’t enough, you may need to consider extensions or choose a different look.

And remember, these are suggestions, not rules. Try different styles at Bridal Secrets and choose whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day!