How To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Your wedding day is one day you will never forget but with a few small touches, your wedding can be as unique as you are.

Signature Drinks

Choose a few of you and your partner’s favourite cocktails to serve at your wedding and name them after a special moment or memory. That time you were drinking sangria on your first date at a Spanish restaurant, your favourite red from that wine tasting or even that unique cocktail you whipped up during a night in.

Don’t forget that boutique beer you discovered on a road trip for the lucky groom.

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Close To Your Heart

If there is a charity or cause you and your groom feel passionate about? Why not make a donation in your guest’s names instead of giving bonbonnieres.

Thank Your Girls!

Your bridesmaids will be your rock during those months leading up to your wedding, the dress fittings, the late night anxious phone calls over place settings, not to mention calming your last minute jitters before you walk down the aisle. A beautiful way to thank them is to gift them a gorgeous keepsake that they can wear at the wedding and enjoy after your big day. A stunning headpiece? Gorgeous shoes? A glamorous clutch? Bridal Secrets has a full range of accessories to add that special touch.

Family Ties

You may have heard your mother or grandmother talk about changing out of their wedding dress and into a “going away dress” for guests to see you off to your honeymoon. Have fun with your second dress and try a shorter tea length gown, the total opposite of your bridal gown, or even a bright colour. This is your chance to have fun and embrace the start of your honeymoon. Ask the experts in store at Parramatta for the full range of non-traditional wedding gowns to gather some inspiration.

A Going Away Dress

Organise an intimate dinner with your groom, parents and in laws to be. It can give everyone time to get to know each other and relax. And if your family have already bonded? A special dinner to thank them for their support is a beautiful way to begin your new extended family.

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A Signature Fragrance

Finding the perfect scent to wear on your wedding day can make you feel glamorous, romantic and invoke memories of your special day every time you spritz it in the future.

Make Your Husband Feel Special

Weddings can sometimes feel like it’s all about the bride and while it’s definitely your time to shine, it’s also about the two of you. Attending your groom’s fitting can make the experience just as fun for him as it was for you picking out your dream wedding dress Sydney from Bridal Secrets.