How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Weddings can be costly, clocking up thousands of dollars. They can also be immensely affordable, with the only expense being your wedding dress. This matters, because a bridal gown is arguably the most important dress any woman will ever wear, so she doesn’t want to skimp on it. Saving money on other areas of the wedding will allow you to splurge on your wedding dress.

Whether you’re planning on Maggie Sottero wedding dresses or something imported by Pronovias, Bridal Secrets has something to fit your figure, style, and budget. You could get a voluminous Mori Lee with its full fabric skirts, or a willowy Rebecca Ingram with delicate applique lace. But if you want to have the funds to cover your gorgeous dress, you need to be creative with the rest of your expenses.

Go With A Weekday Wedding

Most wedding venues experience a boom on Saturdays, so you have to pay a premium for all your services, from the florist to wedding officiator. Try setting your wedding on a Friday, or better yet, a Tuesday. This makes it easier to negotiate off-peak rates, and your wedding can be more leisurely since your staff won’t be rushing off to their next bridal venue.

As a bonus, fewer people can get off work, which means you can have a smaller reception, drastically lowering your food budget. It also minimises arguments about who (not) to invite. It lets you skip some of the traditional wedding options that pile up the bill.

Pick An Off-Key Location

You don’t have to get married in a fancy garden or an expensive hall. There are lots of unexpected venues that cost a lot less. Consider closing off the street around your home and having a weekday wedding there, when traffic is low. Or use the empty parking lot of your apartment building while everyone is away at work.

You could use a friend or family member’s backyard, or if your wedding in on a school holiday, you could rent out the local school hall, practice field, or college campus. To save on hassle and transportation costs, hold your wedding reception at the same location as your vows. It makes all the logistics easier too. Alternatively, have your reception at an eatery.

Don't Do A Banquet Service

This doesn’t mean you should starve your guests, but you don’t have to feast them either. If you get a restaurant or caterer, you have to pay per head, and that can pile up. A sneaky way around it is to have a casual reception with snacks and bitings. The trick is to keep it short so that your guests don’t sit down and get too comfortable.

Instead, have a cocktail set-up with high tables and minimal seating. Make a quick toast, cut the cake, then ask your guests to join you at a nearby pub or bar. That way, everyone pays for their food and drinks, so none of the cost falls on you. Also, remember that an open bar is not your friend when you’re working on a budget.

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