How To Select The Perfect Fabric For Your Wedding Dress

The perfect bridal dress should make you feel beautiful, but most importantly, it must be comfortable. An uncomfortable dress could end up ruining your mood, something you don’t want in an event as important as a wedding.

The fabric of the bridal gown plays a crucial role in both of the aspects mentioned above. If it is good quality, it will undoubtedly give you an elegant look, and you will feel comfortable as well.

Identifying the perfect wedding dresses in Sydney can be quite a challenge, given the wide variety of available options. The following tips, however, should help you in making an informed decision.

Pick A Fabric Depending On The Venue And Season

If your wedding happens in summer, you will go for lightweight and breathable fabric. Contrariwise, if your nuptials are set in the colder months, your wedding dress must be made of heavy material such as brocade and duchess satin.

The formalness of the venue will also determine your fabric of choice. Informal settings go with casual fabrics, whereas formal venues require formal fabric.

For Complicated Designs, Choose Structured Fabric

Some brides prefer dresses that accentuate their body shape and have a fitted bodice. If you fall into this category, structured fabrics such as satin, taffeta, and organza are the way to go.

For Simple Designs, Choose Soft Fabrics

If you are the type that favours flowing bridal gowns, you will want to acquire soft fabrics for your dress. Such include chiffon, Carmeuse, tulle, and lace.

Types Of Wedding Dress Fabrics

As seen above, shoppers for bridal dresses in Sydney are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their preferred fabric. The various types of fabric available for purchase include;

  • Lace – a refined fabric made of either cotton or silk twisted in patterns using hands or machines. Modern lace fabrics usually incorporate synthetic fibres. This is the preferred fabric for traditional weddings.
  • Chiffon – a lightweight, delicate, and transparent fabric that is best-suited for layering.
  • Duchess Satin – it is the most popular fabric for wedding dresses. It comprises a smooth and glossy fabric with matt at the back. This fabric is ideal for formal weddings.
  • Carmeuse – a soft fabric made of either silk or polyester – It is structurally similar to satin, though it is much lighter.
  • Organza – a crisp woven fabric that is almost the same as chiffon, but stiffer – is mostly made of silk and synthetic fibres and is best-suited for weddings held in warmer seasons.
  • Tulle – is a fine mesh-netting made from silk or nylon. Tulle is used in combination with other fabrics. Most wedding veils are made from tulle fabric.
  • Brocade – is a heavy fabric usually designed using contrasting colours and interwoven patterns. It is ideal for weddings held in colder seasons.