The Evolution of Wedding Dress Trends Over the Decades: From Vintage to Modern

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Like many of the existing trends of today’s society, there was a time when the wedding gown was strictly white to exude purity and elegance. From the unique circumstances of the time to the latest fashion trends making waves, there have been a lot of wedding dress evolutions over the years that influenced the brides.

The Evolution of Wedding Dresses Throughout the Years of Fashion Influence

Regal Opulence of the Edwardian Era

The first real evolution of a wedding dress started in this era, wherein elegance was a significant factor in the design of the gown. Silk and intricate lace details were common for the bridal gowns of this era. For an added touch of Australian beauty, brides were adorned with local flowers as their headpieces and bouquets. During this time, white was a symbol of not only purity but also the status of wealth.

Flapper Glamour in Down Under

One of the striking wedding dress trends and evolution was the flapper movement. When the roaring ’20s took the world by storm, conservative bridal gowns took a drastic turn. Tight corsets were no longer common in this period as straight loose dress silhouettes were the fad. Hemlines rose to the knees, and fringes with fancy beading were the new thing for bridal dresses. The go-to wedding dress accessories were faux fur wraps and silky, beaded shawls.

World War II Aussie Brides

When World War II hit Australia in the ’40s, there was a massive change in the bridal gown. Compared to the wedding dress evolution over the years before, it mellowed down to a more practical and muted style. With almost all aspects of life affected, brides had to upcycle clothes and be creative with their dresses, unlike today’s custom wedding dress.

Classic Hollywood Style of the ’50s

From the influence of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, fuller skirts with tulles were the must-haves for bridal dresses. This was one of the wedding dress trends and evolutions that are still relevant today, making waves as the timeless foundation for dresses. These dresses boast the feminine hourglass with a snatched waist and voluminous, flowing skirt silhouettes.

Experimental ’60s Bridal Styles

The ’60s evolution of wedding dresses was one of the most playful and nuanced, steering the wheel from the princess-like charm of bridal gown designs to a more modern look. Mod styles and mini dresses were a thing in this era, giving a fun look for brides who wanted to party more.

The Hippie Movement of the ’70s

Out of all the wedding dress evolutions over the years, the boho style was the start of the laid-back and down-to-earth design. Lace, crochet pieces, and dainty flower crowns were the common go-to styles that reigned supreme in this era. Barefoot and beach weddings made waves in this era, too.

Loud and Proud Brides of the ’80s

Over-the-top looks were celebrated in this era. Big puffy ball gowns, layers of tulle, and trails of exquisite flowers were a must for any ’80s Aussie bride! Most brides followed Princess Diana’s lead and had their fairytale wedding.

Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Chic in the ’90s

Ranging from cream satin slip dresses to princess-style ball gowns, the ’90s was a unique blend of minimalist styles and the timeless opulence from the eras before. Brides loved showing off their interests and personalities with the gown of their choice. Today, most of the styles from this era are making a comeback!

The Vivacious New Millennium

When the 2000s came in, brides were into bling and satin details for their strapless gowns. One of the popular styles was the mermaid dress, flaring beautifully below the knee to show a hint of stunning heels. One of the must-haves for brides of this era was a bejewelled tiara to tie the look together.

The Hipster Comeback

The 2010s wedding dress trends and evolution focused on boho-chic styles and lacey off-shoulder gowns. This was the era when brides were more eco-friendly and focused on getting sustainable outfits and thrifting vintage gowns. It was also when the barn-style wedding became popular due to its rustic charm.

The Modern Brides With a Wealth of Tastes

Brides of this modern day and age aren’t afraid to revisit eras and create unique spins on their wedding dresses. With various styles available, ranging from gowns to suits, the brides take on a playful match of styles to design their dream wedding outfits – there is no limit to bridal fashion today.

The unique evolution of wedding dresses is a beautiful tapestry of trends and fashion that shaped the fashion taste of today’s brides. Planning a wedding of your own? Get your dream ensemble from our array of bridal dresses in Sydney and enjoy your fairytale wedding!