Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

You’ve found it. Your dream Pronovias Barcelona wedding gown. It’s absolutely perfect and you couldn’t be any happier. Dream dress is in the bag! You’ll have to start thinking about accessories and shoes a little bit later but for now the focus is on your bridesmaids. What dresses are you going to pick out for them?

If you’re lost without a clue, then follow these tips to have your most beautiful bridesmaids ever.

TIP #1: Choose Your Favourite Colour

This is your wedding day, so it sort of goes without saying that if you have a colour in mind, that your bridesmaids will have to go along with it, no matter if it’s not perfect for their skin tone or what not. You can try out the colour on them by holding up a scrap of fabric next to them. If the colour washes them out, a good option is for your girls to get a nice spray tan. This often can be a great colour corrector for skin tone.

TIP #2: Look At Your Bridesmaids’ Figures

It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again, there are some dress cuts that suit some figures, and some that do not. A knee length dress may look stunning on your tall friend, and stumpy on your short friend. A plunging neckline works on your busty bridesmaid but silly on your A cup friend.

One style that suits pretty much all women is an empire cut dress. This has a fitted section to just under the bust and then flows out from there.

If you can’t find a style that works for all of your bridesmaids, then you may like to let them choose similar style dresses that flatter each of their figures in the same colour – that way everyone wins.

TIP #3: Don’t Go Over Your Budget

If you find the perfect bridesmaids dresses that you just know are going to look amazing on your girls and you’ve just got to have them but they’re $800 and your budget is $350 then just stop. There are all sorts of blow-outs for weddings, but if you can see one coming up and can stop it – then you should.

It’s likely that you’ll find a similar design within your price range and be very happy with how it looks. Leave the breaking the bank occasionally for touches for yourself!

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