Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

In the lead up to your wedding, you have some pretty important decisions to make. One of them is particularly important – who your bridesmaids are going to be! These are the girls who are going to be your shoulder to lean on, the organisers of your hen’s night, and the ones who help your slip into your wedding gown on your big day.

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid

Choose wisely when it comes to your bridesmaids to ensure everything goes smoothly by following our tips.

Is she reliable?

While someone might be a great friend or even your only sister, you have to look objectively when choosing her as your bridesmaid. Is she reliable? Does this female often cancel plans, switch things up on you in the middle of something, or often go AWOL for days? Then she’s probably not an ideal pick for your wedding party. Cut the stress by leaving her out as a bridesmaid. To make her feel like she’s not missing out, you might like to assign her another role that isn’t so crucial to your day – a reading at the ceremony that can be cut if she forgets perhaps?

Is she trying to get pregnant or is pregnant?

Now, this one may not bother some brides. However, it can be mighty tricky trying to do dress fittings when that bump is burgeoning! Plus, if the baby is due around the same time as your wedding, that will obviously take precedence over your big day. If you are set on having your pregnant friend or relative in the bridal party, then it may be handy to have a back up to call on – just in case! This way you will have all your bases covered.

Do you fight often?

While it’s true that we all fight with friends and family on the odd occasion, some fight more than others. While you might currently be in the midst of some serious sisterly love, if you and your friend or relative are known for having a volatile relationship, then maybe she isn’t the best pick for your wedding. For instance, if you have a fight just before your wedding, or in the lead up to it, this can cause a whole lot of unwanted stress and can make planning with her extremely difficult. As with the unreliable woman, try out another less crucial role for the girl you fight with.

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