Top 5 Money-Saving Tips For Your Wedding

A wedding day is perhaps the most important day in the lives of most people. As such, most couples often go out of their way to make such events memorable. This may even involve making financial sacrifices to have your dream wedding. That said, there are proven ways which can slash your wedding budget without compromising on the quality of the event.

Read on to discover some savvy tips on how to save money whilst still have the wedding of your dreams.

Check Your Invitation List

Most people can’t resist the temptation of inviting as many friends and acquaintances as they possibly can to their wedding. However, more guests will increase the cost of running your big event. It also makes the occasion less intimate.

To reduce your overall wedding budget, it is advisable to invite the closest of friends and family. Start with a big list, then continuously narrow it down until you have a manageable list of invitees.

Design Your Own Invitations

Wedding invitation cards can be costly to produce. However, you can save by opting to design the invitations on your own.  You don’t have to be a designs expert to make the cards stylish and appealing. The only requirements are a computer and a quality photo printer.

Also make sure that your invitations are digital. Often, paper only invtations are lost or are not delivered. This hassle can be avoided by sending digital invitations as well.

If you’re too concerned about the graphics, you can get some customisable invitation templates online which may even be available for free. Alternatively, you can outsource the task for as little as $5 on freelancing platforms or for a little more with marketing agencies. Another easy way to save on invitations is by abandoning cards altogether and opting to use an invitation website.

Avoid Mentioning The Word ‘Wedding’

When florists, photographers and event organisers hear the word ‘wedding’, they see an opportunity to mark up their services. For instance, a service that costs $500 on normal days could cost you as much as $2,500 on your wedding day. The added charges are mainly due to the importance that people place on wedding events.

To avoid being overcharged, don’t mention the occasion when shopping around and ask for straightforward quotes for the services you are after.

Ask For Assistance Rather Than Gifts From Friends

Everybody has friends who are experts in different fields. You can reduce your wedding budget by asking them to assist you. For instance, if you have an ally skilled in photography, you can ask them to shoot photos on your wedding in place of buying you a gift. Similarly, a friend with a good taste of music can serve as the DJ for your big day. Friends can also help with any equipment needed to run the wedding. Instead of hiring stereo equipment, you could do with borrowing from your associates.

Plan Ahead

If you want to reduce your wedding expenses, having a plan is a must. Make a comprehensive list of everything you want for your wedding and gradually remove what seems unnecessary. Planning is especially important because it prevents last-minute stress and impulsive buying.