Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The venue is decorated to perfection, you’ve picked out the most delicious wedding cake, your groom is waiting for you at the end of the aisle and you have your dream wedding dress from Bridal Secrets. After all that careful preparation and planning, you are finally about to marry the one, your one. The last thing you want is a minor mishap to ruin your special day. Having a few small things on hand for when disaster strikes can help. Give this list to your bridesmaids so they can make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Bobby pins and hair ties: You never know when you will need to pin back some hair, tie up a fallen bun or even use these to hold broken buckles together, the uses are endless!

Lip balm: With all that talking, smooching and smiling, there are bound to be some chapped lips about!

Hand Cream: All that hand shaking and holding can lead to some seriously dry and sore hands for the bride and groom!

Cash: You may think you will be fine with your credit cards but the last thing you need is to find that parking or coffee boost on the way to the reception is cash only.

Facial Mist: A light spritz of freshness can keep that bridal glow throughout the day and into the evening, helping to keep makeup fresh.

Blotting Paper: Even if you aren’t prone to oily skin, nervousness can sometimes equal a shiny t-zone and you don’t want to be reflecting in those photos.

Safety Pins: For replacing a snapped zipper or fixing a broken necklace – those little wonders can save the day.

Double Sided Tape: For slippery straps and falling hems, let’s make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

Baby Wipes: These wonders will remove almost any stain!

Stain Remover Pen: For the tougher stains like, pen marks and red wine – these will help keep that spot at bay until you can get it professionally cleaned.

Hair Spray: Keep all that frizz at bay during windy days and dancing all night.

Bandaids: From cuts to blisters, no bride should be without these on her big day.

Painkillers: Nobody needs to be bothered by minor pain during such a special day, keep these on hand for headaches.

Soothing Eye drops: Crying can lead to red and stingy eyes, not a good look on anyone.

Tissues: For those happy tears and cleaning up any spills.

A Bottle of Water: There will be plenty of drinks at the reception but what about in the car ride and during photos. You don’t want to be a dehydrated bride!

Mints: For a pre-kissing freshen up or helping to mask that cheese platter you just devoured.

Deodorant: Make sure this is the anti-mark and a spray on for easy application.

Mini sewing kit: This will do for loose buttons and small holes.

Flats: Have a spare pair of ballet flats or even some sophisticated sandals in case those wedding heels aren’t as practical as they are stunning.

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