Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

Unfortunately, there are a lot of *common* mistakes women make when shopping for their bridal gown, this is because they either just haven’t prepared themselves enough, OR, they just aren’t prepared to be flexible. The good news is, shopping for your bridal gown doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming or fruitless. Follow these simple tips and finding that dream Mori Lee wedding gown will be easy.

Know Your Budget

Unless you have an unlimited budget you should know roughly what you can afford, so always know what your limit is.

Be Aware of Extra Costs

Remember when you are budgeting for your dress, you’ll be wearing more than just your bridal gown, you need to consider your lingerie, shoes, a veil or tiara if you are wearing one, any accessories and costs for hair and makeup should also be considered.

Bringing too Many People

While you should bring someone dress shopping with you, your mum, sister or a friend, just bring someone you trust to give you their honest opinion, and someone who won’t try and sway you towards a dress THEY like. If you bring more than two people with you, you’ll end up with too many different viewpoints which can end up confusing.

Don’t Get *All Made Up* Just To Go Dress Shopping

While shopping for a wedding dress is more exciting than normal shopping, there is still no need to go all out. Make sure you are wearing a well-fitting bra, but, apart from that casual clothing is fine. Remember too you don’t want to *smudge* any wedding dresses with makeup when you are trying dresses on.

Don’t Shop

Too early, or too late – don’t shop too late, leave time for any alterations to be made. As for shopping early, wait until your date and venue are booked as both of these decisions will influence the style of dress you choose.

Do your Research FIRST!

You should keep an open mind, but still have some idea of the style of dress you would like. Knowing your venue will help. Take the time to look at photos to see what does and doesn’t appeal to you.

Don’t Only Try on One Style

Being stubborn may mean you miss out on a dress that may be more flattering, don’t stick to strapless gowns only, be flexible and don’t restrict your choices.

Don’t Buy a Size Smaller Dress Assuming You’ll Lose Weight Before the Wedding

It’s easy to say, but it isn’t always as easy to achieve. Remember that taking a dress IN is a lot easier than letting a dress out, so choose the dress that fits NOW, you can always have it taken in later.

Don’t Forget, You Have to Spend the Day in this Dress

Many brides buy a dress without even trying to sit down in it. The wedding dress isn’t just for the ceremony, so consider how comfortable it will be to wear while sitting down, standing, walking eating and even dancing in it.