Why It’s Better To Buy Your Wedding Dress From A Local Shop Rather Than Online

To buy online or not to buy online, that is the question. If you’re debating whether it’s better to order wedding dresses online or head down to a local store, we’re here to tell you just why checking out Sydney wedding dresses at a real life shop just makes better sense. Read on to find out why!

Avoid Huge Mistakes

We’ve all see those dress horror stories on the internet. The misshapen mess ordered from China, the cream dress instead of the white, the rash-inducing fabric – yuck! Who wants to make a mistake with their wedding dress? Online stores can be sell notoriously bad clothes, which can be impossible to tell the quality from the pictures. Feel fabrics, see true colours, and see how it really looks, all in your local store.

Experienced Stylists

Wedding dress stylists are some of the best in the game for a reason. They’re not the casual 17yr old down at your local fashion outlet who says you look great in everything just to make a sale, they’re experienced bridal stylists who’ve seen bride after bride and know what looks great on what body shapes, exactly what’s in stock, and what’s coming in for next season. Leave your shopping experience with the experts!

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Second Opinions Left, Right And Centre

One of the best things about shopping for wedding dresses in-store is the fact that you’re able to bring in your entire bridal party – plus more – if that’s what you want, to get a second opinion. In fact, that’s half the fun. We’ve always known that two (or ten) heads are better than one.

Matching Bridesmaid Gowns

For bridal wear Sydney, it’s not just the bride that needs to look fabulous, it’s her bridesmaids and flower girls that need to look the part too. A huge benefit of shopping in a local store is being able to find your dream dress and then being able to make sure to pick out bridal dresses for your bridesmaids that match perfectly. When you’re all in store together, you can try on together, and check out the awesome results.


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In-Store Alterations

Buying a wedding dress Sydney online means you are going to get it as it is, without any alterations. Most brides will need some sort of custom alterations to ensure that the dress fits exactly as it is intended to. When you go to the Bridal Secrets store you are able to arrange alterations on site, to make the whole process easier. If you buy online, you’ll need to tee up an alterations house separately.

Local Business

Who doesn’t love supporting local businesses? It’s a win-win situation, with you getting something gorgeous and yet still supporting the bridal dresses Sydney industry, you are doing your bit to encourage Australian business, whilst having the convenience of easy communication with the store.