Bridal Dress Shopping 101- Four Things To Consider

Walking into a bridal salon is nothing less than dreamy. Yes, the ring is significant, and it stays with you forever, but the bridal dress – that’s what makes you feel amazing on your big day. Every bridal salon, with rows of magnificent white fabrics and bestselling silhouettes, is tremendously captivating. Finding the perfect wedding dress is a big step in the planning process, and probably the first time you see yourself as a bride.

With that said, wedding dress shopping can be a mildly stressful and intimidating endeavour. The anticipation followed by the pressure from your loved ones can be daunting.

So, to take some pressure off of your shoulders, here are a few things that you should consider and bring to your appointment.

1. An Honest, Supportive Entourage

First things first, you need to limit your entourage. Of course, best friends, sisters, moms, aunts, etc. make for a great wedding dress posse; however, bringing a big group may go against everything you have planned or desired. Those closest to you are more concerned with making you feel better than telling the truth. It is a good idea to bring in the most brutally honest person in your life when shopping for a wedding gown. They will help lift you up while keeping things real so you don’t feel overwhelmed by too many options and find the best dress for your big day.

2. Shop For Your Body

When trying on wedding gowns, concentrate less on your weight and more on the frame and shape of your body. These are stressful times, so it is understandable for your bodyweight to fluctuate. So don’t let that be the decisive factor in picking a wedding gown. Focus on finding silhouettes that emphasize the features you love and make you feel fantastic. If you plan on losing weight before your wedding, avoid going for the smaller size, you don’t have to punish your body with a dress that’s way too snug.

3. Brush Up On Gown Terminology And Knowledge

Illusion, tulle, taffeta, and more, it is helpful to speak the same language as your consultant. Some designs and fabrics are pretty much out-dated these days, so it is useful that you brush up on wedding gowns and dresses. As you are pulling up pictures from the internet, ensure to check out the terminology behind the looks.

4. Don’t Walk In The Door Without A General Style And Budget In Mind

While you are always advised to keep an open mind when wedding dress shopping, you have to give your consultant some guidance for a successful experience. Your all-over wedding vision, your taste, and budget are some of the first questions you will be asked during the appointment.

Lastly, make sure to visit an all-inclusive bridal store with experienced consultants and the latest collections to make your experience more enthralling.