Faux Pas To Avoid As A Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, you have to conduct yourself properly during your friend’s wedding. You do not want the groom and the bride to regret adding you to their party.

Here are some wedding faux pas that you should avoid as a bridesmaid.

Arriving Late

Weddings take a lot of time to plan. As a bridesmaid, you must arrive on time to avoid causing an inconvenience to everyone. If you live far from the venue, make early travel plans to avoid getting caught up in a last-minute rush.

Bringing Uninvited Guests

The worst thing you can do as a bridesmaid is bringing in an uninvited guest. Weddings cost a lot of money to organise, and you should not add to the burden by showing up with an unexpected person. If you do, you are telling the bride and groom to spend extra money that they did not budget for. Even worse, your guest could miss out on food or a place to sit.

Hitting On Others

Weddings are about the groom and the bride. There is something about watching a newlywed couple making the most significant commitment in their lives.

Even if you are interested in other people attending the wedding, you should avoid making a move. Wait until the event is over to make your advances. You do not want to distract others from enjoying the event.

Making A Grand Announcement

As mentioned above, the wedding is about the bride and groom. If you are pregnant or getting engaged, you should postpone the announcement until after the wedding. Making a grand announcement during someone’s wedding is a mistake, as it will seem as if you are making the event about you.

Getting Drunk

Drinking too much on a wedding day is a recipe for disaster. Most people drink to calm social nerves and get into a celebratory mood. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol means that you could make a scene. Ensure that you keep your drinking in check. You can do this by dancing, socialising and enjoying the food.

Staying For Too Late

As the reception nears the end, the DJ will play slower music and guests will start moving out. That is your hint to leave the party. Even if you are a great entertainer, you eventually have to leave the couple to spend time on their own. When you notice that time is up, leave.

Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

If you are a bridesmaid, you should keep your phone away during the wedding.  Otherwise, you should switch it off or switch it to silent mode. You do not want a phone that is constantly ringing and distracting other people attending the wedding.

Taking Multiple Favours

Weddings usually have a favours table. If the table has many treats, it is not an excuse to take multiple favours. Taking many gifts for yourself means that other attendees are likely to miss out. Be mindful of other guests and only take one gift.