The Do’s And Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

The Do's

Do bring an honest group of friends and family that know you well. Having other people who know your style can help you decide when you are spoilt for choice and also be able to tell you the truth if something just isn’t working for you.

Do bring any lingerie or shapewear that you intend to wear under your wedding dress. A convertible bra is a great option as you can alter it depending on the gown you’re trying on.

Do be open-minded: Bridal boutiques like Bridal Secret are full of professional staff that are passionate about finding the right wedding dress for every bride, so make the most of their expertise and take in any advice and suggestions they offer. With years of experience, they can help you find the perfect dress that will suit your body type, personality and budget.

Do bring ideas: If you have pictures of what your ideal dress may be, bring them in and show the team at Bridal Secrets. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with the large selection of gowns at their Parramatta store. So having some ideas in your mind of the direction you want to go in, will help keep you on track.

Do be yourself!: With so many reality wedding TV shows and Instagram posts full of photoshopped perfection, it can be hard to try and live up to that fantasy. Those platforms are great for inspiration but remember, this is your wedding, not a Pinterest board. Your wedding dress should make you feel confident and beautiful, it should flatter your figure and focus on your best assets.

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The Dont's

Don’t buy a size smaller in hopes that you can lose weight before your wedding day. There will be enough pressure on you without having to worry about if you can squeeze into your dress or not. Try on a dress in your standard size and with the help of the talented team at Bridal Secrets Parramatta, they can assist you with alterations leading up to your wedding, making certain that your dress will fit you like a glove!

Don’t forget your venue! If you’re having a summer wedding then draping yourself in the heavy fabric is just going to make you hot and bothered all day. If you’re having a beach wedding, think of a light breathable fabric. Always keep in mind the type of atmosphere you want at your wedding and choose your dress based on that.

Don’t eat salty food or a big meal the day before you go dress shopping, you don’t want to feel bloated when trying on beautiful gowns. Eating well will make you feel your best and give you the energy to shop until you find the perfect dress.

Don’t blow your budget. It’s best to let staff know what you want to spend, there are gorgeous gowns for all budgets at the Parramatta bridal store and they will be able to show you the best options in your price range.